This is the first of twelve envisaged volumes on “An Earthed Faith” that will together explore twelve core aspects of the Christian Faith from the perspective of contemporary ecotheology. The sub-title explains that this requires a retelling of the Christian story of who God is and what God may be doing in the context of the so-called “Anthropocene”, the epoch in which (some) humans have disrupted nothing less than the balance between biosphere, the atmosphere, the geosphere and the hydrosphere. “What on Earth is God doing?” one may well want to ask in a time like this.

The first volume focuses on a core question, namely the relationship between the Christian story and the universe story. Does the Christian story form part of the universe story or is it the other way around? Addressing this question is like taking a deep breath before one can begin to tell the story. That Breath acknowledges the role of God’s Spirit as being involved from the beginning.