This scholarly book is the final result of a team-research project, done by ten Practical Theologians from three denominations in the Reformed tradition in South Africa. 

We posed the following research problem and -question: What would be the relationship (if any) between preaching (and the liturgy of which it is a part) and the development of missional congregations? And secondly, what kind of preaching and preacher would best serve (even facilitate) such a process of missional congregational development in preaching and worship?

We did both empirical research on the living text as it is in Congregations as well as draw upon the rich literature research within our field – the so-called more normative text. We discerned 43 congregations in the three mainline Afrikaans speaking denominations in the Reformed tradition in South Africa. We opted for congregations where we as researchers observed and discerned a healthy example of a faithful missional congregation is developing. 

This book is indeed a book written by scholars for scholars. And we hope that one of the remarks of one of the peer-reviewers may become true: β€œIt is my opinion that this book will become one of the primary resources for both students and academics in their mission to re-enculturate missional congregations.”